Welcome! I'm a 16 y/o activator working to solve the world's biggest problems. Currently, I'm working in the intersection of AI and women’s health, organizing dialogue and action around education, and ****hosting The Boss Ladies Podcast!

Hi, I'm Manasi 👋🏽

<aside> ⚡ I'm a 16-year-old in the Bay Area exploring AI/ML applications in policy & women’s health! I am also heavily involved with local and national educational reform. I have led various projects and campaigns in my community and in the state, and am working to eradicate gender stigma surrounding women and women's issues by understanding the complexity of the issue and interviewing women across the world.


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We're defining success the wrong way.

What I’ve Learned From A Year of the Unexpected

2021: A Clear Conscience and Spontaneity

My Top 5 Lessons From 2021

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